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 Заголовок сообщения: hunger strike by immigrants
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hunger strike by immigrants .. FILIPPO UNGARO Communications Manager Save the Children "to this complaint Lampedusa :[[[<< Minors may not be expelled, no one is identifying>>

Information taken from the TG3 RAI 3 and RAI 2: In Italy a joke between the Berlusconi and a frenzied assertion of Bossi, continue the suffering immigrants. THE ITALIAN STATE barred entry to cameras and reporters, in reception centers for migrants. MANAGEMENT AREAS AND 'THE CIVIL PROTECTION AND ASSIGNED TO THE MINISTRY OF INTERIOR. Berlusconi said …that the conditions of immigrants in Lampedusa is below the standard humanitarian ... "Fortunately, says Berlusconi ".... After 30 days, the condition worsens during the day to day. The toilets do not exist or are not cleaned by anyone, no blankets, sleeping outside in the street, and thankfully it's not raining ...... missing meals and those who arrive are not edible .. Migrants protest, with marches, peaceful, almost everyone has started a hunger strike, on 2800 700 meals were delivered. 96% of immigrants in Lampedusa, Manduria, and other "camp" host, is of Tunisian origin.

Continue to delay the departure to evacuate the camp host, but since they do not know where to send them, they invent the excuse of high winds "ridiculous."

Rai2 19:15 # # # FILIPPO UNGARO Communications Manager Save the Children "to this complaint Lampedusa :[[[<< Minors may not be expelled, no one is identifying >>]]] pointed out that there are plenty of kids and girls, boys and girls from 7 to 11/14 years sent singly, or with his brother who has no more than 15 years. These children may fall into the wrong hands, like crime, or worse in the hands of pedophiles, maybe for a few dollars ...

The Bishop of Tripoli, MARTINELLI INNOCENZO complaints that NATO bombs dropped from aircraft, strike military targets, shoot at random BUT HITTING AND CIVILIAN HOSPITALS ... probably the super torpedo NATO dropped a few meters from his home, has disturbed the peace and quiet ...

Meanwhile, two boats have disappeared from at least 400 people each, total 800 people ... The last sighting dates back to yesterday, but now they are untraceable. I will not forward any assumptions about .. I really hope that they landed somewhere else. Unfortunately, people are desperate, many forget the war stories of their grandparents, and hunger that have passed ...

SHAME ON TG3 RAI-3 ... People put in their mouths things unsaid ... They continue to send video mounted against Gaddafi, with comments added by partisan voice actor, and prove those facts by the respondent ... and the fish bite ....

https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=gr ... 6783141896

Di Loreto Igino


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