Chemical weapons by the Syrian army in East Huta was not applied. Evidence of volunteers ANNA-News

We have documented in detail each step of the operation in the most problematic area — in Dzhobar, which is partly controlled by well-trained, professional, foreign mercenaries and the Wahhabis from other countries. We have nine cameras simultaneously recorded almost everything from the standard load of ammunition in combat vehicles to the assault from three directions that came down to blows with foreign mercenaries trimmed homes. We can firmly attest and prove to the UN panel of experts — based on what he saw with his own eyes, and we filmed material on the progress of the fight, he’s in the main center of the troubled East Huta Dzhobare no used chemical weapons.

Moreover, we documented today committed another crime fighters belonging to the category of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Such as: the barbaric attacks by militants from mortars neighboring Eastern Guta residential areas, which as we all know, is home to the exclusively peaceful civilians, including the elderly, children and women. Also today, the terrorists deliberately trying to destroy our crew. And that’s assuming that all of us were without arms, without helmets, body armor and gas masks, dressed in civilian clothes using conventional unmarked press. As a result, today three out of four journalists ANNA-News in Dzhobare slightly injured Viktor Kuznetsov two small mortar fragment in the right foot and below the knee, which has not yet recovered, Marat Musin — mortar fragment in his right hand, Igor Nadyrshin — a piece of glass in the foot , knocked on his television camera sniper terrorists.

mortar splinter in his hand Marat Musin
The gunner had a mortar crew terrorists saw that we were journalists who were ready to shoot a short interview on the open ground.

The use of mortars by militants against civilians
However, in his tip for our group of journalists at the moment mortar militants released just a few minutes, one of which fell two meters away from us.

We have clearly documented that none of Syrian soldiers and tank crews did not have gas masks. We’ve heard all the orders on the use of artillery and other weapons. The shooting led to four CP and NP, often in positions 30-40 meters from the militants. We have documented the fierce fighting in the buildings of the Institute of Computer Technology, where several groups of troops actually came together in close quarters with the militants.

Foreign terrorists are now in the center of East Huta, in its most challenging and complex area Dzhobare, today put up fierce resistance, correctly used different types of weapons.

On one tank mine exploded, a driver was killed. Shot down and one BMP. 17 soldiers were wounded today (not one of them ascribe to get together with us lightly wounded by mortar fragments of my favorite B-captain, who commanded one of the armored group, lieutenant — commander of the tank, five stitches on his hand, orderly, seriously wounded in the leg and forcibly sent us to the hospital. Miraculously unhurt, clever, Major, today exercised overall command of two companies of armored Eastern Huta). The militants, judging by the application of a channel Al Arabiya, the loss is much greater — 600 people that evening, check in their official reports of losses.

The militants did not expect them to attack the serious forces Syrian Arab army. The operation carefully planned, prepared in high security mode. When the morning began the nomination of columns to their original positions, we were in the head of one of them, pushing civilian vehicles. The element of surprise had been met. At the same time we fixed that none of Syrian troops had gas masks.

The obvious stupidity and lies on the application of the Syrian Arab army here today due to chemical weapons, in my opinion, the plight in which foreign mercenaries were suddenly East Huta. Their hysterical claims about the use of chemical weapons — a sign of desperation near and mind, contrary to the facts, the truth of today’s tough fight and plain common sense. Indeed, in the case of a hypothetical use of such weapons would be no one to provide such a competent and tough resistance, and by direct contact inevitably would have suffered Syrian soldiers and our crew.

On today’s ferocity and strength of the resistance fighting the alleged «slacked off gases» terrorists says one fact. Wounded with us tank commander initially did not want to go to the dressing. We still talked him dress the wound of the military doctors, that did not stop him right back into position. The wound on his hand lieutenant was deep. She was quickly stitched up by putting five stitches. On his return, in the first raid on his tank was hit at the same time three professional and well-trained terrorists: the sniper methodically one by one sweep of the dynamic blocks of protection, at the same place at once just another gunman fired an RPG, right there on the tank and was released back rocket. Naturally, the return fire was very tight and strong, do not leave the tens, if not hundreds of fighters a chance at salvation. These terrorists of today’s losses will update them on the same evening bulletins losses. It is possible that they really destroyed several hundred