The truth about the use of chemical weapons in Eastern Huta August 21, 2013

Infantry attack was preceded by a powerful 45-minute barrage. Under bomboshturmovymi and artillery attacks by foreign fighters began to bear huge losses, actually faced the threat of encirclement and annihilation.

At 8 am the infantry right up close with the enemy, and all along the contact began fighting. Fights go inside buildings. Gunmen killed dozens of bullet and shrapnel injuries.

It is therefore quite clear their desperate appeal to sponsors in the West under any pretext to stop an attack. In this case, under the pretext of a mythical use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army on a proven model of earlier intervention of UN observers, when at 10 am with a Saudi, American and Israeli Information Resources began stuffing misinformation about the use of Army chemical weapons. In the early hours by the nonsense out of desperation or militants openly pointed Dzhobar as the area of ​​application of chemical weapons.

Dozens of cameras from different directions we continuously document the entire course of the operation, a detailed panorama of fixing the fight. And by the nature of any expert breaks clearly says that the army used only standard ammunition. No creeping along the ground no fumes! And given the windy weather conditions, contact the fighting during the absence of the soldiers assault units of gas masks, inevitably massive defeat of chemical weapons soldiers and journalists who are at the forefront. But none of that! And this is another argument for the falsity of the media reports on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army.

On fierce fighting terrorists says increased use of heavy weapons — rockets, recoilless rifles, anti-tank and mortar, modern air defense systems. On the first day, gunmen shot down a tank and infantry fighting vehicles. Killed a driver Zeid Afifi, who was a small child. Was killed and another infantryman. 17 soldiers were wounded. On the second day a few steps away from the operator of our crew was killed by shrapnel missiles in place of a young crew member recoilless guns B-10. On the third day, about the same picture. Needless loss ratio indicates a high efficiency of CTO.

In this case, the alleged sarin slacked off militants engaged in an intensive fire back, and this is another argument that the Syrian army has not applied chemical weapons against them.

In impotent rage fighters deliberately shelled with mortars and rocket launchers journalists and adjacent residential neighborhoods of Damascus, inhabited by peaceful citizens. A few minutes terrorists precisely placed along the street Fares al Khouri near Piazza Al Abasein, which at this point were walking women and children.

Loss Dzhobara — key to Damascus — before Geneva-2 is for the Front Al Nusra political death. In a desperate attempt to save the remnants of professional terrorists in Eastern Huta, the U.S. State Department made an unforgivable mistake. Running the worn-out record provocation with chemical weapons, the West has actually signed the open support for Al Qaeda.

By ANNA-news, Vasily Pavlov, Igor Nadyrshin, Viktor Kuznetsov, Marat Musin. Syria